Steps to prevent of fleas

Fleas driving you mad??? Just sit back, you got to know some details of it in order to get rid of them.  They are an unhealthy nuisance, often disturbing your furry friends. However their impacts on humans are indescribable and can bring in skin irritations leading to several ailments in the long run. The following steps will help you to a great extent in flea eradication when followed in the appropriate manner.

  • Botanical dust together with borate acid is a great insecticide, without blood from its swarm, an adult flea is said to survive only about a week, whereas a flea larva can subsist quite a few months, hence it is important to attack the larvae first. A blend of this combination will prevent a full bloom of fleas.
  • Vacuum your carpets and upholstered furniture thoroughly. If you feel that your pests don’t enter your home often or climb on your furniture, know that fleas will. There may be flea eggs unseen in your couch cushions. Hence it is highly suggested that you vacuum all the cushions including cracks, crevices, and seams carefully.  For better maintenance and a healthy home make sure that you execute this task on a regular basis.
  • One of the natural ways to get rid of fleas is to spray diatomaceous earth around window seals, baseboards and front entrance. Containing silicon dioxide, it is a fine powder that will help in easy and natural elimination of fleas.
  • Filling dish detergent in shallow bowls of water is another Fleas extermination process. They are like a toxic pool that will help in the eradication process.

For an easy extermination you got to know and follow this: One of the easiest ways to kill fleas is to take an effort of destroying them at their early stages- in the egg and larva stages of their development.  

With all that said, there is no single method or insecticides that will give assurance in complete eradication or control. 

Inspite of following the aforementioned steps, if at all you happen to experience flea infestation then you need to sign up for the services of a professional pest extermination firm who will help you in the extermination process. There may be a concern for high costs however DON’T PANIC! Flea control can be cheap and 100% organic, if you are going to find the right exterminators.

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