How Children Can Benefit From Pet Ownership

When it come to animal companions, most of us will have fond childhood memories of growing up with our family pet. Whether it was taking the dog out for daily trips to the park, doing our best to keep the cat out of trouble, or just sitting quietly and having conversations with a bunny that had nothing better to do than listen. If you are yet to decide whether to include a pet in your family, here are three positive impacts that pets can have on your children’s life.


Let’s face it; kids don’t enjoy being responsible – it’s just not in their nature. And try as we might, it can be difficult to teach the importance of this life lesson at an early age. With animal ownership, children form an emotional connection with their pet which brings out a natural instinct to be responsible. From making sure their pet is fed, groomed and looked after, children will do all they can to look after their companion. At a young age, this instills important lessons on being responsible.

Better Physical and Mental Health

Studies have shown that children who grow up close to a family pet are less likely to develop common allergies and be more resistant to certain types of bacteria. This isn’t because a dog is dirty, but because common environmental allergens are introduced to their immune system at an early age, where they can build up an early tolerance. If you want to introduce a baby safely to your family pet, look at the Groupon discount codes for Mothercare for an appropriate playpen where your baby can play with limited and supervised interaction with your pet.  Another great benefit to pet ownership is stress reduction. The simple act of cuddling or petting an animal has been shown to reduce stress in children while providing them with someone who will listen to the complaints of their “busy colouring lives”.

A Family Connection

If you have more than one child in your family, you likely know that they don’t always get along. A pet is perfect for children in this situation, as is provides an object for them to bond over. Helping each other to take care of their pet is a great common ground to start a conversation and organize care duties. For example, when walking a dog, siblings can talk about their pet chores and what each will do to help raise the animal. This is a great conversation starter and helps them to build a relationship.

An animal companion is a great addition to any family and can create some truly positive and enjoyable memories for all family members. If you do choose to include a pet in your home, speak with your family as a group and be sure you choose the right animal and that everybody is aware of their responsibilities.