Do’s and Don’ts Before Buying A Siberian Husky

Dogs have always been man’s best companion from time to time. When it comes to Siberian husky, things are not different. They mingle with your family very easily and become an integral part of your family very soon.

But, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow before going for Siberian husky puppies.


Go for an ethical breeder: When it comes to dog breeding, there are many illegal dog breeding centres throughout US. Such breeders keep the dogs in cages for their entire life, only for the purpose of breeding. The main issue with such puppies are that they inherit many diseases and have lots of temperament issues. Statistics suggest that puppy mill operations provides 90% of the puppies found in the pet shops. Moreover, it is not advisable to buy puppies through any classified advertising. The best option is to go for some ethical breeders who have puppies bred from championship dogs.

Health guarantee – a must for puppies: When you plan to buy a Siberian husky, just make sure that the puppy comes with health guarantee. This will ensure that the puppy is fit and does not have any inherited diseases. It is true that such puppies are expensive when compared with others, but it will also save you from spending a large amount of money at veterinary hospital. It has been noted lately that dogs without such guarantee has ended up at dog pounds only because the owner could not afford its bill.

Plan a space : Siberian huskies are highly energetic. So they need to do a lot of exercise or activity in a day. Therefore, it would be recommended to plan a space for the dog before you bring it home. If you are living in an apartment, then you should wait and think before buying one.

Pedigree check important: When it comes to buying a Siberian husky, just make sure that there is a championship dog within the four generations of the breeding dogs. If it is not, then there are chances that the dog is coming from some local puppy mill which does not really care about the quality of the dogs. Most of the time we may get show dogs, working dogs and sled dogs in the pedigree of Siberian puppy.

Get a registered dog: When it comes to US, here dogs are registered under AKC – American Kennel Club. So make sure that your dog is registered under this club. It has to be noted that AKC has cancelled the registration of breeders who have been following substandard breeding practices. Such breeders get their dogs registered under an alternative club known as Continental Kennel Club for making profit. The dogs from this registration are not fit and may carry some inherited diseases.

May go for adoption: Apart from buying Siberian huskies, you can adopt them too. A large number of huskies are available for adoption as they get lost soon from their owners. So if you are new with dogs, then it would be recommended to adopt a trained one, as it will help you to handle dogs better. There are a large number of adoption centres throughout the globe and especially in US. So getting a dog for adoption won’t be a big deal.

Author Bio: Daniel is a certified dog trainer. He works for the Club of  Husky Pets and believes to give them the best care he could. Here he has explained about the things that one should keep in mind before buying an Siberian husky.