5 Tips To Lower The Cost of Your Bog

Dogs make the most loyal and loving companions you could ever wish for, they can also empty your wallet pretty quickly too however. There are more dogs being abandoned that ever before because their owners say they can’t afford to keep them. This is a tragic state of affairs that can be avoided in most cases. There are many ways to do this but here are our top 5 tips of lowering the cost of being a dog owner.

Pet  Insurance

Many dog owners think that they have covered all bases by getting their pets vaccinated; wrong! Your dog has an accident and your bank account could be shedding money like your dog moults hair. Many vets now offer plans where for a small set amount monthly you can get all their injections, worming etc and a insurance policy. Not having pet insurance is like going abroad without travel insurance, it just isn’t worth the risk.


Start a puppy on dried food and you can continue to feed them this throughout their lives simply moving up through the stages. Start a puppy on meat and you will spend a small fortune keeping them sated.  While it may not appetising to us this food is specially formulated to provide a dog with all the nutrition he needs but a word of advice, stick to the same brand. Chopping and changing can  result in bad stomachs and clearing up doggie diarrhoea is not much fun. Have a look at online deals as well as buying in bulk can save you a heap of money in the long run.

Doggie Treats

Introducing a puppy to those bags of tasty treats can be a recipe for disaster as it can make them fussy eaters. Think about it logically, if you have had a meaty taste experience in the shape of a treat would you want that bowl of dried stuff? If you feel the need to reward your pooch then make your own treats such as croutons and keep them in a tub. As these are savoury and don’t have exotic flavours added they will do the job without breaking the bank.


Dog owners in the past have often had to fork out almost as much in kennel fees as their holiday has cost, thankfully that all changed. You can easily take your pet on holiday with you now thanks to a dog passport, and if you are holidaying in the UK there are more dog friendly hotels than ever before. If you want to escape without your pooch ask somebody you can trust to house sit, and dog sit, for you. Even if you give them something for this service is will work out a heck of a lot cheaper than the kennel option. Always check that you are covered by pet insurance  for such a place.

Bits and Bobs

It is easy to get carried away with a dog and keep buying and buying. Beds, collars, leads, bowls, toys and numerous other bits and piece. Dogs are like kids, they will play with anything so there is little point is buying expensive toys they will merely sniff at before returning to their old slipper or bit of rope. A ball to throw when you take them out and a couple of safe things for them to gnaw on is all you need.