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Welcoming The Yorkie Puppy In Your House

Puppies are always fun to play with. Whether you are a kid, or an adult your love for little whelps would never cease. The Yorkshire pups are a fun loving and independent breed. Their level of energy is felt all around the house. They would make wonderful pets, but they make you handle a lot of responsibility. You have to keep certain things in mind while buying the little Yorkie.

When Does Your Dog Need Supplements for His Health?

You might have read a lot of write-ups on dogs, their health and use of supplements. However, it is difficult to know when there’s a need to start supplements for your dogs. Is it okay to start feeding him supplements even if he looks healthy; will my dog like what he will be fed with; what are the signs to know that my dog needs extra energy, etc. are a few FAQs related to supplements. Worry no more. We are here to give you these following four signs that are seen in dogs that are later suggested to be fed with supplements by the veterinarians: